2. System Overview

By default, Open Journal Systems is installed with a very simple, functional user interface. This includes a top header, a top navigation bar, a series of navigation blocks to the right, and a main content block in the middle of the page.

The following image is a screenshot of an OJS Demonstration Journal Table of Contents:

Figure 1.1. Open Journal Systems Table of Contents

Open Journal Systems Table of Contents

The next image shows the HTML version of an article from the table of contents, including the Reading Tools in the right column. PDF documents can also be made available.

Figure 1.2. Open Journal Systems HTML Article View

Open Journal Systems HTML Article View

The OJS interface can be extensively customized by uploading new stylesheets at the site, journal, and article level, and by various other journal-specific customizations. For the advanced user, the underlying template system can also be modified. As open source software, you are free to customize OJS as you wish.