UserHandler Class Reference

Handle requests for user functions. More...

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Public Member Functions

 become ($args)
 checkIncompleteSetup ($conference)
 getRoleDataForConference ($userId, $conferenceId, $schedConfId, &$submissionsCount, &$isValid)
 index ()
 setLocale ($args)
 setupTemplate ($subclass=false)
 UserHandler ()
 validate ($loginCheck=true)
 viewCaptcha ($args)

Detailed Description

Handle requests for user functions.

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Member Function Documentation

UserHandler.become ( args  ) 

Become a given role.

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References Request.getSchedConf(), index(), Request.redirect(), and validate().

UserHandler.checkIncompleteSetup ( conference  ) 

Determine if the conference's setup has been sufficiently completed.

$conference Object
boolean True iff setup is incomplete

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Referenced by index().

UserHandler.getRoleDataForConference ( userId,
&$  submissionsCount,
&$  isValid 

Gather information about a user's role within a conference.

$userId int
$conferenceId int
$submissionsCount array reference
$isValid array reference

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References Validation.isAuthor(), Validation.isConferenceManager(), Validation.isDirector(), Validation.isReviewer(), and Validation.isTrackDirector().

Referenced by index().

UserHandler.index (  ) 

Display user index page.

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References SchedConfAction.allowRegAuthor(), SchedConfAction.allowRegReviewer(), checkIncompleteSetup(), Request.getConference(), getRoleDataForConference(), Request.getSchedConf(), setupTemplate(), SchedConfAction.submissionsOpen(), and validate().

Referenced by CreateAccountHandler.account(), become(), CreateAccountHandler.createAccount(), setLocale(), and setupTemplate().

UserHandler.setLocale ( args  ) 

Change the locale for the current user.

$args array first parameter is the new locale

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References Request.getConference(), index(), and Request.redirect().

UserHandler.setupTemplate ( subclass = false  ) 

Setup common template variables.

$subclass boolean set to true if caller is below this handler in the hierarchy

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References Request.getConference(), Request.getSchedConf(), index(), and Request.url().

Referenced by CreateAccountHandler.account(), ProfileHandler.changePassword(), CreateAccountHandler.createAccount(), CreateAccountHandler.createAccountDisabled(), index(), ProfileHandler.profile(), ProfileHandler.savePassword(), and ProfileHandler.saveProfile().

UserHandler.UserHandler (  ) 


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UserHandler.validate ( loginCheck = true  ) 

Validate that user is logged in. Redirects to login form if not logged in.

$loginCheck boolean check if user is logged in

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References Validation.isLoggedIn(), and Validation.redirectLogin().

Referenced by become(), ProfileHandler.changePassword(), index(), ProfileHandler.profile(), ProfileHandler.savePassword(), and ProfileHandler.saveProfile().

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