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Form for creating and modifying scheduled conference tracks. More...

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 display ()
 execute ()
 getOutsideDates (&$schedConf)
 initData ()
 readInputData ()
 TimelineForm ($overrideDates=false, $readOnly=false)

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Detailed Description

Form for creating and modifying scheduled conference tracks.

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Member Function Documentation

TimelineForm.display (  ) 

Display the form.

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References getOutsideDates(), and Request.getSchedConf().

TimelineForm.execute (  ) 

Save track.

Definition at line 230 of file TimelineForm.inc.php.

References Request.getSchedConf(), and ConferenceLog.logEvent().

TimelineForm.getOutsideDates ( &$  schedConf  ) 

Get the earliest and latest dates for the conference. These should be included on the timeline form date ranges as possibilities.

array ($earliestDate, $latestDate)

Definition at line 103 of file TimelineForm.inc.php.

Referenced by display(), SpecialEventForm.display(), ScheduleForm.display(), and SchedConfSetupStep3Form.display().

TimelineForm.initData (  ) 

Initialize form data from current settings.

Definition at line 151 of file TimelineForm.inc.php.

References Request.getSchedConf().

TimelineForm.readInputData (  ) 

Assign form data to user-submitted data.

Definition at line 195 of file TimelineForm.inc.php.

TimelineForm.TimelineForm ( overrideDates = false,
readOnly = false 


$trackId int omit for a new track

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References Validation.isConferenceManager().

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