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 checkBlockSequence ($aStart)
 display ()
 execute ()
 getLocaleFieldNames ()
 initData ()
 readInputData ()
 smartyChooserToTime ($smartyTime, $baseTimestamp=0)
 TimeBlockForm ($timeBlockId=null)
 timeToSmartyChooser ($fromTime, $untilTime)

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Detailed Description

Form for conference manager to create/edit time blocks for scheduler.


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Member Function Documentation

TimeBlockForm.display (  ) 

Display the form.

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References Request.getSchedConf().

TimeBlockForm.execute (  ) 

Save time block.

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References Request.getSchedConf().

TimeBlockForm.getLocaleFieldNames (  ) 

Get a list of localized field names for this form


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TimeBlockForm.initData (  ) 

Initialize form data from current time block.

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TimeBlockForm.readInputData (  ) 

Assign form data to user-submitted data.

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TimeBlockForm.smartyChooserToTime ( smartyTime,
baseTimestamp = 0 

See above description of timeToSmartyChooser. This performs the opposite conversion by converting from a number that appears as a duration in a Smarty time select widget into an actual duration, i.e. a number of seconds (with an optional parameter for base timestamp).

$smartyTime int The value of the Smarty time select widget
$baseTimestamp int Optional timestamp to add to the duration

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TimeBlockForm.TimeBlockForm ( timeBlockId = null  ) 


timeBlockId int leave as default for new time block

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References $timeBlockId, and checkBlockSequence().

TimeBlockForm.timeToSmartyChooser ( fromTime,

Since the Smarty time chooser only operates in terms of actual times of day rather than durations, using this widget for durations requires a conversion. This function converts from a pair of timestamps to a number that will appear in the widget as a duration.

$fromTime int The beginning time
$untilTime int The end time

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