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 addTinyMCE ()
 checkForDuplicatePath ($pagePath, $conferenceId, $staticPageId)
 display ()
 initData ()
 readInputData ()
 save ()
 StaticPagesEditForm (&$plugin, $conferenceId, $staticPageId=null)

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Member Function Documentation

StaticPagesEditForm.checkForDuplicatePath ( pagePath,

Custom Form Validator for PATH to ensure no duplicate PATHs are created

$pagePath String the PATH being checked
$conferenceId int
$staticPageId int

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References $conferenceId, and $staticPageId.

Referenced by StaticPagesEditForm().

StaticPagesEditForm.initData (  ) 

Initialize form data from current group group.

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References $conferenceId, $plugin, and addTinyMCE().

StaticPagesEditForm.readInputData (  ) 

Assign form data to user-submitted data.

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Save page into DB

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References $conferenceId, and $plugin.

StaticPagesEditForm.StaticPagesEditForm ( &$  plugin,
staticPageId = null 


$conferenceId int

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References $conferenceId, $plugin, $staticPageId, and checkForDuplicatePath().

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$var $errors string

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