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Subclass of PKPMailTemplate for mailing a template email. More...

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Public Member Functions

 assignParams ($paramArray=array())
 displayEditForm ($formActionUrl, $hiddenFormParams=null, $alternateTemplate=null, $additionalParameters=array())
 MailTemplate ($emailKey=null, $locale=null, $enableAttachments=null, $conference=null, $schedConf=null, $includeSignature=true, $ignorePostedData=false)
 send ($clearAttachments=true)

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Detailed Description

Subclass of PKPMailTemplate for mailing a template email.

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Member Function Documentation

MailTemplate.assignParams ( paramArray = array()  ) 

Assigns values to e-mail parameters.

$paramArray array

Reimplemented in PaperMailTemplate.

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References $conference, Request.getConference(), Request.getRequestedConferencePath(), Request.getRequestedSchedConfPath(), Request.getSchedConf(), and Request.url().

MailTemplate.displayEditForm ( formActionUrl,
hiddenFormParams = null,
alternateTemplate = null,
additionalParameters = array() 

Displays an edit form to customize the email.

$formActionUrl string
$hiddenFormParams array

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MailTemplate.MailTemplate ( emailKey = null,
locale = null,
enableAttachments = null,
conference = null,
schedConf = null,
includeSignature = true,
ignorePostedData = false 


$emailKey string unique identifier for the template
$locale string locale of the template
$enableAttachments boolean optional Whether or not to enable paper attachments in the template
$conference object optional The conference this message relates to
$schedConf object optional The scheduled conference this message relates to
$includeSignature boolean optional
$ignorePostedData boolean optional

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References $conference, Request.getConference(), Request.getSchedConf(), and send().

MailTemplate.send ( clearAttachments = true  ) 

Send the email. Aside from calling the parent method, this actually attaches the persistent attachments if they are used.

$clearAttachments boolean Whether to delete attachments after

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References Request.getSchedConf().

Referenced by MailTemplate().

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