Open Conference Systems Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbntCitationPluginABNT citation format plugin
AboutHandlerHandle requests for director functions
AccommodationFormForm for modifying scheduled conference accommodation settings
AcronPluginRemoves dependency on 'cron' for scheduled tasks
ActionAction class
AdminConferenceHandlerHandle requests for conference management in site administration
AdminFunctionsHandlerHandle requests for site administrative/maintenance functions
AdminHandlerHandle requests for site administration functions
AdminLanguagesHandlerHandle requests for changing site language settings
AdminPeopleHandlerHandle requests for people management functions
AdminSettingsHandlerHandle requests for changing site admin settings
AnnouncementBasic class describing a announcement
AnnouncementDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Announcement objects
AnnouncementFormForm for conference managers to create/edit announcements
AnnouncementHandlerHandle requests for public announcement functions
AnnouncementTypeBasic class describing an announcement type
AnnouncementTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AnnouncementType objects
AnnouncementTypeFormForm for conference manager to create/edit announcement types
ApaCitationPluginAPA citation format plugin
ApplicationClass describing this application
AuthorPaper author metadata class
AuthorActionAuthorAction class
AuthorDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Author objects
AuthorHandlerHandle requests for conference author functions
AuthorSubmissionAuthorSubmission class
AuthorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AuthorSubmission objects
AuthorSubmitFormBase class for conference author submit forms
AuthorSubmitStep1FormForm for Step 1 of author paper submission
AuthorSubmitStep2FormForm for Step 2 of author paper submission
AuthorSubmitStep3FormForm for Step 2 of author paper submission
AuthorSubmitStep4FormForm for Step 4 of author paper submission
AuthorSubmitStep5FormForm for Step 5 of author paper submission
AuthorSubmitSuppFileFormSupplementary file author submission form
AuthPluginAbstract class for authentication plugins
AuthSourceSettingsFormForm for editing authentication source settings
AuthSourcesHandlerHandle requests for authentication source management in site administration
BibtexCitationPluginBibTeX citation format plugin
BlockPluginAbstract class for block plugins
BuildingBasic class describing a building
BuildingDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Building objects
BuildingFormForm for conference manager to create/edit buildings for scheduler
CbeCitationPluginCBE citation format plugin
ChangePasswordFormForm to change a user's password
CitationPluginAbstract class for citation plugins
ClassicBlueThemePlugin"ClassicBlue" theme plugin
ClassicBrownThemePlugin"ClassicBrown" theme plugin
ClassicGreenThemePlugin"ClassicGreen" theme plugin
ClassicNavyThemePlugin"ClassicNavy" theme plugin
ClassicRedThemePlugin"ClassicRed" theme plugin
CommentClass for public Comment associated with paper
CommentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Comment objects
CommentFormForm to change metadata information for an RT comment
CommentHandlerHandle requests for user comments
ConferenceDescribes basic conference properties
ConferenceDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Conference objects
ConferenceEventLogDAOClass for inserting/accessing conference history log entries
ConferenceEventLogEntryDescribes an entry in the conference history log
ConferenceFileManagerClass defining operations for private conference file management
ConferenceHandlerHandle conference index requests
ConferenceHistoryHandlerHandle requests for conference event log funcs
ConferenceLanguagesHandlerHandle requests for changing conference language settings
ConferenceLogStatic class for adding / accessing conference log entries
ConferenceOAIOCS-specific OAI interface. Designed to support site-wide and conference-wide OAI interface (based on where the request is directed)
ConferenceRTOCS-specific Reading Tools end-user interface
ConferenceRTAdminOCS-specific Reading Tools administration interface
ConferenceSettingsDAOClass for Conference Settings DAO. Operations for retrieving and modifying conference settings
ConferenceSetupFormBase class for conference setup forms
ConferenceSetupStep1FormForm for Step 1 of conference setup
ConferenceSetupStep2FormForm for Step 2 of conference setup
ConferenceSetupStep3FormForm for Step 3 of conference setup
ConferenceSetupStep4FormForm for Step 4 of conference setup
ConferenceSetupStep5FormForm for Step 5 of conference setup
ConferenceSetupStep6FormForm for Step 6 of conference setup
ConferenceSiteSettingsFormForm for site administrator to edit basic conference settings
ContextFormForm to change metadata information for an RT context
CreateAccountFormForm for user account creation
CreateAccountHandlerHandle requests for user account creation
CreateReviewerFormForm for track directors to create reviewers
CustomLocaleHandlerThis handles requests for the customLocale plugin
dbXMLtoSQLCLI tool to output the SQL statements corresponding to an XML database schema
DesertThemePlugin"Desert" theme plugin
DevelopedByBlockPluginClass for "developed by" block plugin
DirectorActionDirectorAction class
DirectorDecisionCommentFormDirectorDecisionComment form
DirectorHandlerHandle requests for director functions
DirectorSubmissionDirectorSubmission class
DirectorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying DirectorSubmission objects
EditableEmailFileThis class supports updating for email XML files
EditableLocaleFileThis extension of supports updating
EditAssignmentDescribes edit assignment properties
EditAssignmentDAOClass for DAO relating directors to papers
EditCommentFormEdit comment form
EmailHandlerHandle requests for email management functions
EmailTemplateDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Email Template objects
EmailTemplateFormForm for creating and modifying conference tracks
EndNoteCitationPluginEndNote citation format plugin
FilesHandlerHandle requests for files browser functions
FontSizeBlockPluginClass for font size block plugin
GatewayHandlerHandle external gateway requests
GatewayPluginAbstract class for gateway plugins
GenericPluginAbstract class for generic plugins
genTestLocaleCLI tool to generate a test locale file by munging the message strings of a real locale file
GroupFormForm for conference managers to create/edit groups
GroupHandlerHandle requests for organizing team management functions
HandlerBase request handler application class
HandlerValidatorClass to validate that a sched conf exists
HandlerValidatorConferenceClass to validate that a conference exists
HandlerValidatorRolesClass to represent a page validation check
HandlerValidatorSubmissionCommentClass to validate that a comment exists (by id) and that the current user has access
HelpProvides methods for translating help topic keys to their respected topic help ids
HelpblockPluginClass for help block plugin
importExportCLI tool to perform import/export tasks
ImportExportHandlerHandle requests for import/export functions
ImportExportPluginAbstract class for import/export plugins
ImportOCS1Class to import data from an OCS 1.x installation
ImportOCS1FormForm for site administrator to migrate data from an OCS 1.x system
IndexHandlerHandle site index requests
InformationBlockPluginClass for information block plugin
InformationHandlerDisplay conference information
InstallPerform system installation
InstallFormForm for system installation
installToolCLI tool for installing OCS
JQueryPluginPlugin to allow jQuery scripts to be added to OCS
LanguageSettingsFormForm for modifying conference language settings
LDAPAuthPluginLDAP authentication plugin
LilacThemePlugin"Lilac" theme plugin
LocaleProvides methods for loading locale data and translating strings identified by unique keys
LoginChangePasswordFormForm to change a user's password in order to login
LoginHandlerHandle login/logout requests
MailTemplateSubclass of PKPMailTemplate for mailing a template email
ManagerAccommodationHandlerHandle requests for changing scheduled conference accommodation settings
ManagerHandlerHandle requests for conference management functions
ManagerPaymentHandlerHandle requests for configuring payments
ManagerProgramHandlerHandle requests for changing scheduled conference program settings
ManagerSchedConfHandlerHandle requests for scheduled conference management in site administration
ManagerSetupHandlerHandle requests for conference setup functions
ManualPaymentPluginManual payment plugin class
mergeUsersCLI tool for merging two OCS 2 user accounts
MetadataFormForm to change metadata information for a submission
MetsExportDomMetsExportDom export plugin DOM functions for export
migrateCLI tool for migrating OCS 1.x data to OCS 2
MlaCitationPluginMLA citation format plugin
NativeExportDomNative import/export plugin DOM functions for export
NativeImportDomNative import/export plugin DOM functions for import
NativeImportExportPluginNative import/export plugin
NavigationBlockPluginClass for navigation block plugin
NightThemePlugin"Night" theme plugin
NLMExportDomNLM XML export plugin DOM functions
NLMExportPluginNLM XML metadata export plugin
NotificationBlockPluginClass for "notification" block plugin
NotificationSettingsFormForm to edit notification settings
NotificationStatusDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying users' sched conf notification status
OAIDAODAO operations for the OCS OAI interface
OAIHandlerHandle OAI protocol requests
OAIMetadataFormat_DCOAI metadata format class -- Dublin Core
OAIMetadataFormat_MARCOAI metadata format class -- MARC
OAIMetadataFormat_MARC21OAI metadata format class -- MARC21 (MARCXML)
OAIMetadataFormat_RFC1807OAI metadata format class -- RFC 1807
OAIMetadataFormatPluginAbstract class for OAI Metadata format plugins
OAIMetadataFormatPlugin_DCDc metadata format plugin for OAI
OAIMetadataFormatPlugin_MARCMarc metadata format plugin for OAI
OAIMetadataFormatPlugin_MARC21Marc21 metadata format plugin for OAI
OAIMetadataFormatPlugin_RFC1807Rfc1807 metadata format plugin for OAI
OCSHelpMappingFileAbstracts the built-in help mapping XML file
OCSPaymentManagerProvides payment management functions
OCSQueuedPaymentQueued payment data structure for OCS
OJSNotificationOJS subclass for Notifications (defines OJS-specific types and icons)
PageRouterClass providing OCS-specific page routing
PaperPaper class
PaperCommentClass for PaperComment
PaperCommentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperComment objects
PaperDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Paper objects
PaperEmailLogDAOClass for inserting/accessing paper email log entries
PaperEmailLogEntryDescribes an entry in the paper email log
PaperEventLogDAOClass for inserting/accessing paper history log entries
PaperEventLogEntryDescribes an entry in the paper history log
PaperFilePaper file class
PaperFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperFile objects
PaperFileManagerClass defining operations for paper file management
PaperGalleyA galley is a final presentation version of the full-text of a paper
PaperGalleyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperGalley/PaperHTMLGalley objects
PaperGalleyFormPaper galley editing form
PaperHTMLGalleyAn HTML galley may include an optional stylesheet and set of images
PaperLogStatic class for adding / accessing paper log entries
PaperMailTemplateSubclass of MailTemplate for sending emails related to papers. This allows for paper-specific functionality like logging, etc
PaperNoteClass for PaperNote
PaperNoteDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperNote objects
PaperReportDAOPaper report DAO
PaperReportPluginPaper report plugin
PaperSearchClass for retrieving paper search results
PaperSearchDAODAO class for paper search index
PaperSearchIndexClass to add content to the paper search index
PaperTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperType objects
PaperTypeEntryBasic class describing a paper type
PaperTypeEntryDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PaperTypeEntry objects
PaymentHandlerHandle requests for payment functions
PaymentSettingsFormForm for conference managers to modify Payment Plugin settings
PaymethodPluginAbstract class for paymethod plugins
PayPalDAOClass for PayPal Logging DAO. Operations for retrieving and modifying Transactions objects
PayPalPluginPayPal plugin class
PayPalSettingsFormForm for conference managers to edit the PayPal Settings
PeerReviewCommentFormComment form
PeopleHandlerHandle requests for people management functions
PluginAbstract class for plugins
PluginHandlerHandle requests for plugin management functions
PluginManagementHandlerHandle requests for installing/upgrading/deleting plugins
PluginSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying plugin settings
ProCiteCitationPluginProCite citation format plugin
ProfileFormForm to edit user profile
ProfileHandlerHandle requests for modifying user profiles
ProgramSettingsFormForm for modifying scheduled conference program settings
PublicFileManagerWrapper class for uploading files to a site/conference's public directory
PublishedPaperPublished paper class
PublishedPaperDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PublishedPaper objects
PubMedExportPluginMETS/MODS XML metadata export plugin
rebuildSearchIndexCLI tool to rebuild the paper keyword search database
RedbarThemePlugin"Redbar" theme plugin
RefManCitationPluginReference Manager citation format plugin
RefWorksCitationPluginRefWorks citation format plugin
RegistrantReportDAORegistrant report DAO
RegistrantReportPluginRegistrant report plugin
RegistrationBasic class describing a registration
RegistrationDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Registration objects
RegistrationExpiryReminderClass to perform automated reminders for reviewers
RegistrationFormForm for conference managers to create/edit registration
RegistrationHandlerHandle requests for registration management functions
RegistrationOptionBasic class describing a registration option
RegistrationOptionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying RegistrationOption objects
RegistrationOptionFormForm for scheduled conference managers to create/edit registration options
RegistrationPolicyFormForm for managers to setup registration policies
RegistrationTypeBasic class describing a registration type
RegistrationTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying RegistrationType objects
RegistrationTypeFormForm for scheduled conference managers to create/edit registration types
ReportPluginAbstract class for report plugins
RequestClass providing operations associated with HTTP requests. Requests are assumed to be in the format: http://host.tld/index.php /<conference_id> /<sched_conf_id> /<page_name> /<operation_name> /<arguments...> <conference_id> is assumed to be "index" for top-level site requests. ditto for <sched_conf_id>
ReviewAssignmentDescribes review assignment properties
ReviewAssignmentDAOClass for DAO relating reviewers to papers
ReviewerActionReviewerAction class
ReviewerHandlerHandle requests for reviewer functions
ReviewerSubmissionReviewerSubmission class
ReviewerSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewerSubmission objects
ReviewFormHandlerHandle requests for review form management functions
ReviewFormResponseFormPeer review form response form
ReviewReminderClass to perform automated reminders for reviewers
ReviewReportDAOReview report DAO
ReviewReportPluginReview report plugin
RoleDescribes user roles within the system and the associated permissions
RoleBlockPluginClass for role block plugin
RoleDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Role objects
RoomBasic class describing a room
RoomDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Room objects
RoomFormForm for conference manager to create/edit rooms for scheduler
RTAdminHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests
RTContextHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests -- contexts section
RTDAODAO operations for the OCS Reading Tools interface
RTHandlerHandle Reading Tools requests
RTSearchHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests -- contexts section
RTSetupHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests -- setup section
RTVersionHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests -- setup section
runScheduledTasksCLI tool to execute a set of scheduled tasks
SchedConfDescribes basic scheduled conference properties
SchedConfActionSchedConfAction class
SchedConfDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SchedConf objects
SchedConfHandlerHandle requests for scheduled conference functions
SchedConfSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying scheduled conference settings
SchedConfSettingsFormForm for conference manager to edit basic scheduled conference settings
SchedConfSetupFormBase class for scheduled conference setup forms
SchedConfSetupHandlerHandle requests for conference setup functions
SchedConfSetupStep1FormForm for Step 1 of scheduled conference setup
SchedConfSetupStep2FormForm for Step 2 of scheduled conference setup
SchedConfSetupStep3FormForm for Step 3 of scheduled conference setup
SchedConfsHandlerHandle conference index requests
SchedConfStatisticsDAOOperations for retrieving scheduled conference statistics
ScheduleFormForm for conference manager to for schedule presentations
ScheduleLayoutFormForm for conference manager to modify the layout of the schedule
SchedulerHandlerHandle requests for registration management functions
SearchFormForm to change metadata information for an RT search
SearchHandlerHandle site index requests
SettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying settings
SettingsFormForm for conference managers to add or delete sidebar blocks
SitemapHandlerProduce a sitemap in XML format for submitting to search engines
SiteSettingsFormForm to edit site settings
SpecialEventBasic class describing a specialEvent
SpecialEventDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SpecialEvent objects
SpecialEventFormForm for conference manager to create/edit special events for scheduler
StatisticsHandlerHandle requests for statistics functions
SteelThemePlugin"Steel" theme plugin
SubmissionCommentsHandlerHandle requests for submission comments
SubmissionEditHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
SubmissionReviewHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
SubmitHandlerHandle requests for author paper submission
SuppFileSupplementary file class
SuppFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SuppFile objects
SuppFileFormSupplementary file form
TemplateManagerClass for accessing the underlying template engine. Currently integrated with Smarty (from
TemporaryFileManagerClass defining operations for temporary file management
ThemePluginAbstract class for theme plugins
TimelineFormForm for creating and modifying scheduled conference tracks
TimelineHandlerHandle requests for scheduled conference timeline management functions
TinyMCEPluginTinyMCE WYSIWYG plugin for textareas - to allow cross-browser HTML editing
TrackDescribes basic track properties
TrackDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Track objects
TrackDirectorActionTrackDirectorAction class
TrackDirectorHandlerHandle requests for track director functions
TrackDirectorsDAOClass for DAO relating tracks to directors
TrackDirectorSubmissionTrackDirectorSubmission class
TrackDirectorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying TrackDirectorSubmission objects
TrackFormForm for creating and modifying scheduled conference tracks
TrackHandlerHandle requests for track management functions
TrackSubmissionHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
TranslatorActionPerform various tasks related to translation
TranslatorHandlerThis handles requests for the translator plugin
TranslatorPluginThis plugin helps with translation maintenance
TurabianCitationPluginTurabian citation format plugin
UncommonThemePlugin"Uncommon" theme plugin
UpgradePerform system upgrade
UpgradeFormForm for system upgrades
upgradeToolCLI tool for upgrading OCS
UserBasic class describing users existing in the system
UserActionUserAction class
UserBlockPluginClass for user block plugin
UserDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying User objects
UserExportDomUser plugin DOM functions for export
UserHandlerHandle requests for user functions
UserImportExportPluginUsers import/export plugin
UserManagementFormForm for conference managers to edit user profiles
UserRegistrationFormForm for users to self-register
UserSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying user settings
UserXMLParserClass to import and export user data from an XML format. See dbscripts/xml/dtd/users.dtd for the XML schema used
ValidationClass providing user validation/authentication operations
VanillaThemePlugin"Vanilla" theme plugin
VersionFormForm to change metadata information for an RT version

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