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Mon Jul 6 2015 23:58:46 PDT
Excessive dedication to necessitous pursuits renders Jack a hebetudinous fellow.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5156 PKP-LIB Applicat jerico.dev NEW --- Refactor citation plug-ins to use and provide re-usable filters. 2010-05-12
5025 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support NEW --- Move Harvester to new Metadata object model 2010-05-12
5319 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support NEW --- Migrate more classes to PKP-lib whenever possible 2010-04-16
8074 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support NEW --- Author code cleanup 2013-01-07
8549 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support NEW --- UsageStatsTemporaryRecordDAO contains nonstandard SQL 2014-03-03
5440 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support NEW --- Port submission notes to PKP library "note" code 2010-05-31
4934 PKP-LIB Applicat pkp-support ASSI --- Convert legacy Request calls to new router architecture 2010-01-04
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