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Wed May 27 2015 08:59:45 PDT
Two birds fly together. One of them is flying alone in search for company, the other has landed feeling overwhelmed by the solitude and damaged for the lack of company... I'm a bear.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2795 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Review pop-up for Track Director improvement 2007-04-12
3851 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Eliminate Abstract Review section for Non-reviewed Tracks 2011-08-12
4916 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- (Track) directors should not be able to see review reports on their own papers 2009-12-01
8863 OCS Review alec NEW --- Reviewer's "edit comment" tools don't work 2014-08-07
6953 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- "Abstract only" Revisions Requested issues 2011-11-16
4897 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Enable "bidding" among reviewers for proposals they prefer to review 2009-11-24
4905 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Include custom reports in Review Report 2013-05-29
4911 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Add "Committee-Based Review" Option 2011-03-27
6915 OCS Review michael.pkp REOP --- Review due date incorrectly set and displayed for paper review 2012-09-24
9 bugs found.
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