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Sun Aug 2 2015 09:37:30 PDT
Submission step numbering is wrong in ojs i think it'll be step3 before step 2 how can i do this because author enter metadata , author name etc first after that step 2 so that i want to modifief it how can i do this step 3 before step 2...
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6599 OCS Registra michael.pkp NEW --- Update paypal logo 2011-04-14
6600 OCS Registra michael.pkp NEW --- Separate out manual and paypal email templates 2011-04-14
7038 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Conference registration workflow problem 2012-03-16
7115 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Option code not validated during registration 2012-03-16
7469 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Restricting the number of registrations 2012-09-24
8242 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Feature request: Free conference handling 2013-06-11
8280 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- allow search by name on registrations 2013-06-28
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