• 1998 PKP was founded by John Willinsky in the Faculty of Education at UBC, with Pacific Press Professorship endowment, dedicated to improving the scholarly and public quality of research.
  • 2000 Open Conference Systems was released as open source software.
  • 2001 Open Journals Systems released as open source software.
  • 2002 Open Harvester Systems released as open source software.
  • 2002 OJS listed as “Landmark Event” on the Timeline of the Open Access Movement.
  • 2005 Partnership with the Faculty of Education at UBC, the SFU Library, and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at SFU established.
  • 2005 Open Journals Systems 2.0 released.
  • 2006 PKP receives Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • 2007 Synergies funding ensures PKP development for four years.
  • 2007 First international PKP conference in Vancouver.
  • 2007 Open Conference Systems 2.0 released.
  • 2008 PKP sets up a research home at Stanford University, as well as a general home at SFU.
  • 2010 John Willinsky receives Frederick G. Kilgour Award, American Library Association.
  • 2011 PKP launches sustainability initiative to ensure ongoing financial resources and community participation.
  • 2012 Development Partnerships established with California Digital Library, Ontario Council of University Libraries, Simon Fraser University Library, Stanford University School of Education, University of British Columbia, and the University of Pittsburgh Library.
  • 2013 Open Monograph Press 1.0 released.

You can find more information on the history of the Public Knowledge Project in “The Public Knowledge Project and Open Journal Systems: open source options for small publishers“, “Open Journal Systems: An Example of Open Source Software for Journal Management and Publishing”. and other publications listed in our bibliography.